Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Really need GPS track recording

Alright, I've been testing my favorite Android application over the weekends. Mostly biking in hope to add more bike-friendly trails to my neighborhood openstreetmap.org data. The way I do it now is launching google made MyTracks and than saving to .gpx file for later upload to OSM. Well, this time everything went wrong. GPS signal was quite weak, the map shown disappeared from that small in-memory cache that stock phone map application is using, track stopped recording in the middle without decent warning. It was quite frustrating to make 30 km worse or park-forest trails and not have a record I wished for.  The positive side of this exercise (beside doing biking exercise is positive thing anyway :)) was decision and motivation to add GPS recording/displaying to Maps (-). This way I could stay in my app during trips and, who knows, may be come up with some innovative way of dealing with GPS tracks.

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