Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fasten your seat-belts. Development is speeding up!

It might be that end of outdoor season or increased caffeine stimulation that makes development of Maps (-) progressing faster than average user would probably want to care :) I think that iteration cycles for new version would be around 2 weeks from now, even though there are enough changes for new release every week.
The most asked feature by now was "Driving directions" and "Address search". Well, I would start from "search" as it seems like an entry to routing. Considering that address search should work offline (or what is the purpose of offline app anyway?) this would require quite a caching of OSM data to device. Hopefully, I'll figure scalability of cache by the time the data format is finalized and cache will not flood entire SD card :)


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  3. Yes, development is accelerating, and that scares me. Especially the fact that some states in Canada are lowering the age for gambling. Where is the world rushing to?